When is the best time to schedule my Session?

Birth:  I can only accept a limited number of Birth Stories per month, so if you want to book a Birth Story, it is best to book by at least your 20 week Doctor Appointment.

Maternity:  Maternity sessions are best done between 32-36 Weeks.  You want to still be comfortable, but be sure that your belly has popped out!  You also want to be sure to do them before baby “drops” or in case you may deliver early.  Maternity & Newborn should be booked at the same time.

Newborn:  Newborn sessions are best done within the first 12 days of birth.    It is best to book your newborn session at the time of your 20 week appointment, or before to be sure that I have your due date available. I can only accept a limited number of Newborn Sessions per month.  When you decide to book, we will soft book your due date (and pencil in 5 days after) and then we will adjust as soon as you deliver!

Child:  Children & Family sessions may be booked around 2-3 weeks before you are wanting to do the session, or before.  I like to leave enough time so that we can nail down your style, and have time to get in outfits and props if we need to!


What happens if I didn’t find you before I deliver my baby, or I just decided that I’d like to do a session.  Can I still get newborn images?

I can still absolutely shoot newborn sessions for you after the 12 days.  Sometimes, you’ll have a bit longer stay in the hospital, or maybe you hadn’t found me before you delivered.  We can still get some beautiful images for you, they just may not be the sleepy curled up images you see in my NEWBORN GALLERY.  We can do some more awake shots, or we can attempt to swaddle baby and get him/her to sleep!


What will happen if I decide to book?

If you choose to book a session (or three!) I will send your contract and invoice for your session fee right to your email.  That session fee is a non – refundable retainer to hold your date and time for you.  Once your spot is secure, I will send you a Session Questionnaire so that we can start to determine the style of your session.  I will help you choose outfits, locations, props etc.  Then I’ll create a custom Pinboard for you so that we can both be on the same page with the look!


What happens AFTER the session?

Once we shoot your session, we will have a Premier Ordering Appointment in the studio approximately 5 days after your session.  There we will look at all of your images on my Ipad Pro and go over all of my unique products that I offer.  You can see and touch them in real life and compare each item to each other to decide what is best for you!


When will my products come in?

Classic Prints and Products will arrive within 2 weeks of your order!  AMP Photography Signature Pieces come in between 7-9 weeks and trust me they are WORTH-THE-WAIT!


What happens if there is bad weather?

If we are doing an outside session, we will watch the weather up to about an hour and a half before our scheduled session time.  I rarely have to reschedule a session because usually when it rains here, we have gorgeous sunsets that I don’t want to miss!  If we do have to reschedule, I will usually already have 1-2 rain dates available for you to move your session to!


Will I get my digital images?

As a quick answer, YES!  Each session comes with a set of low resolution watermarked images for your keepsake, and also to share on social media with friends and family!  You also have the option to purchase high resolution digital images with print release if you’d like to print things yourself.  Each of my Print Collections include at least 1 digital image with print release. I also offer a full set of digital images with print release if that is really where your heart lies. I recommend printing everything larger than an 8×10, and specialty products with me so that they are the very best quality products!


What if you didn’t answer my question above?

Please send me an email or give me a call!  I would love to discuss an upcoming session for you!  My email is and my phone number is 724-561-4020.  You can also visit my CONTACT PAGE